Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy

Canada's mental health crisis is impacting many, with traditional pharmaceuticals often proving ineffective in reducing symptoms and resulting in unwanted side effects.

Plant medicines show promise in treating a variety of conditions and enhancing overall well-being. Canada is slowly embracing psychedelic medicine, but it may be months before therapists can legally offer treatment for their clients. As an advocate for my clients, I am preparing for their legalization through accredited education and qualification.

Psychedelic medicine is set to transform mental health treatment.

The Integrative Psychiatry Institute has brought together the top researchers and educators in Psychedelic Assisted Therapy. I offer my clients up-to-date best practices with psychedelic treatments. These substances can catalyze self-awareness and support trauma processing. Preparation, experience, and integration are the key components, with integration accounting for treatment success.

Some people require medical supervision, and I can refer you to a network of professionals offering accessible and affordable alternatives.

Some people may have previous experience with psychedelics and want to integrate, and I can offer a safe place for that support.

Please note that I do not provide medicine to clients.

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