Supervision for Therapists

What is the Supervision Process?

Powell (1988) defines clinical supervision, in part, as “a disciplined, tutorial process wherein principles are transformed into practice skills.” Adding to this, there is no “one size fits all” approach to supervision. We will build a tailored process for your unique learning needs and clinical experience.


Before we start our work together, I ask clinicians to engage in a supervision outline process, which helps to clarify purpose, goals, and learning needs. This exploration will allow us to reflect on the purpose and aspirations for our sessions and create the foundation for the all-important ability and practice of self-reflection, which is essential to our work as therapists.


My supervision services include:

1) Foundational exploration for private practice competency and develop ideas to grow your business.

2) Co-construct a path to grow competencies such as professional report writing, documentation, legal and ethical considerations, outline for continuing education, and ongoing commitment to self-care practices.

3) Specialized client consultation and case conceptualization.


People are the “experts” about their own lived experiences and often have clear ideas about the process of change they want or that they are in. My expertise empowers change by honouring personal ideas and goals, collaborating, and co-creating solutions and new possibilities. This differs from offering expert-specific advice and answers (people rarely follow advice).

We will often discuss the next steps to build on what we discussed in the session, and I may reach out with additional resources to add more work together. If you need more follow-up after the end of the session, don't hesitate to contact me to let me know. This helps greatly with planning! Practical application outside of supervision greatly enhances the benefits people receive from supervision. Also, please evaluate my performance as a clinical supervisor every session with a brief written form.

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