About the Therapy

I invite you to step into a transformative journey through trauma therapy.

Traditional approaches like talk therapy or physiotherapy offer vital support, but they only scratch the surface of your healing potential.

To truly heal, we must embrace a multidimensional approach that engages your entire being—mind, body, and spirit. This approach goes beyond understanding trauma on a cognitive or physiological level. It's about reshaping your physical, mental, and emotional responses to triggers.

In my practice, I've witnessed the power of blending talk therapy with mindfulness. Together, we delve into the patterns woven through your body, breath, mind, and heart. By doing so, we can dial down those overactive reactions to triggers. This body-based method is especially effective for those recovering from trauma.

Moreover, if you're healing from injuries or surgeries, we can infuse a spiritual or contemplative dimension. This might involve movement, shapes, various breath practices, or meditation. By combining these techniques, we create a holistic path to address psychological, physical, and spiritual triggers.

Your personal healing journey is as unique as you are, and we'll explore it together.

In person sessions are available. Call or email to book.

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