Extended Medical Insurance Information

Please get in touch with your insurance provider as every provider has different agreements about insurance coverage.

My credentials as follows:

Kelly Stone, Counselling Psychotherapy

Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) &

Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling (MPCC-Supervisor/provisional) CPCA #4544

Canadian College of Professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists CCPCPR# 3124

Registered Therapeutic Counsellor ACCT # 2672,

Association of cooperative selling therapists of Canada is actively working to advocate for its members with insurance companies and benefits providers. To date, the following providers have agreed to reimburse ACCT counsellors for those plans that include counselling services:

Sun Life added ACCT to its approved association's list on July 13, 2018. For your services to be reimbursed, the terms of your client’s policy must state that Counselling or Psychotherapy are covered.

Pacific Blue Cross has agreed to reimburse clients for the services of counsellors holding any ACCT designation (RTC, MTC, RCS) for plans that cover the services of clinical counsellors.

Alberta Blue Cross may recognize ACCT counsellors, but they cautioned that only a few of their policies cover clinical counsellors. Most of their policies specify coverage through a psychologist or social worker; you would not be covered in those cases.

Green Shield will cover ACCT members for plans that cover clinical counsellors.

Equitable Life of Canada accepts all ACCT designations for those registered in good standing.

ClaimSecure has added ACCT to their approved association's list. Please ensure your policy covers "counsellors", if the policy states "clinical counsellors" you may not be covered. ClaimSecure distinguishes between therapeutic and clinical counsellors.

ComPsych has added ACCT to their approved association's list.

ManuLife claims are reviewed on a case by case basis; they do not do a formal review of associations.

Canada Life recognizes RPC & MPCC designations. The amount covered is agreements made by the employeer.

If your claim has been rejected by any of these providers you must first confirm that the clients EAP or benefits plan includes counselling or the services of clinical counsellors, if they do please get in touch with ACCT (Contact Us: 1-844-369-ACCT(2228) and we will follow up for you.

I do have a number of templates and letters from ACCT to help clients advocate for coverage. Clients can use these templates to appeal a denial of coverage. Please feel free to contact me and I can help you edit the templates to use your voice and opinions. I can also add a letter from ACCT that can be included to help familiarize your insurance company or benefits provider with ACCT and the work they stand by.

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